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New Album Review #6: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)



Finally, it is here. After a long 8 year wait, Daft Punk release their newest studio album Random Access Memories. Even though their 2005 Human After All had to deal with a lot of (legitimate) criticism, this record has been one of most awaited albums this year. Every little detail that leaked through caused huge waves around the internet, especially the interesting Collaborator series, that featured interviews with the featured artists.

The secret behind Daft Punk’s success is something of a mystery to me. Despite being one of my most favorite ‘bands’, I find it hard to pinpoint what excatly grabs my attention and keeps me hooked time after time. Maybe the mixture of simplicity, repetitiveness, creativity and superb sound quality? Or their robotic appearance and sci-fi inspired backstory, that I like to pretend was true? Either way, there’s something about them. Read the rest of this entry

New Album Review #5: Justice – Access All Arenas [Live] (2013)



Justice seem to me like Daft Punk from a different universe. The two robots have definitely been an inspiration to them, as the similarities in musical style and stage performance are obvious. But they rather feel like two sides of a coin (like TwoFace’s coin) with Justice representing the darker, harder and more destructive half of the funky french currency; at least their first album (Cross). For their second Audio, Video, Disco they more or less abandoned their grungy, sound-mangling style and mixed Rock and Italo-Disco into an interesting and (depending on your expectation) satisfying record.

Generally, I am not the biggest fan of live album, as I get easily annoyed by the loud crowd reactions and a messed-up muddy sound. Read the rest of this entry

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