New Album Review #8: Jack White – Lazaretto (2014)



Jack White never ceases to amaze. Even though his work bears all the sonic traits that would characterize music as vintage or retro, his style is far from being old. After his breakthrough band The White Stripes split up in 2011 after 14 years, it didn’t take long for the accomplished producer White to record enough material to release his first solo album Blunderbuss. The style was different from his other work with the Stripes, The Dead Weather or The Raconteurs – many guest musicians participated in the recording of his first and second album.

While White’s personal life seemed to be troubled by marriage problems, he found the time to extensively tour the world and record his second album Lazaretto, which came out only two years after his first solo effort. But will his second album hold up to his reputation he made with the Stripes or will it be an album that will be forgotten as fast as Meg White? Also, is the Ultra LP format that Mr White is so fond of just a lame marketing gimmick or did he manage to rekindle everybody’s love for vinyl? Read the rest of this entry

New Album Review #7: Black Sabbath – 13 (2013)



13 marks the first studio album in eighteen years for the legendary hard rock band Black Sabbath, whose dark and gloomy sound paved the way for all metal bands to come since the early 70s. Despite having a whole, whole lot of lineup change in their over four decades lasting history, with guitarist Tony Iommi being the only constant, all of the founding members reunited in 2011 and announced a new record was in the making. Not much later, drummer Bill Ward did not agree with the conditions of his contract, so Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave fame was hired to joined the band for the recording sessions. We’ll find out, whether or not he’s the right choice for this particular band, as he is more famous for energetic, driving rhythms and Sabbath is a band that sometimes like to take things slow. Read the rest of this entry

New Album Review #6: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)



Finally, it is here. After a long 8 year wait, Daft Punk release their newest studio album Random Access Memories. Even though their 2005 Human After All had to deal with a lot of (legitimate) criticism, this record has been one of most awaited albums this year. Every little detail that leaked through caused huge waves around the internet, especially the interesting Collaborator series, that featured interviews with the featured artists.

The secret behind Daft Punk’s success is something of a mystery to me. Despite being one of my most favorite ‘bands’, I find it hard to pinpoint what excatly grabs my attention and keeps me hooked time after time. Maybe the mixture of simplicity, repetitiveness, creativity and superb sound quality? Or their robotic appearance and sci-fi inspired backstory, that I like to pretend was true? Either way, there’s something about them. Read the rest of this entry

Classic Album Review #1: The Who – Who’s Next (1971)



At the end of the 60s, The Who had a major success with fans and critics with their album Tommy, a concept album that managed to sum up their turbulent concert energy, Townshend’s adventurous songwriting and state-of-the-art recording techniques. But the downside to every great record is the expectations everyone has towards the next. The Lifehouse project, that Townshend thought up after Tommy, was supposed to be the next big step forward conceptually, but he failed to fulfill his vision due to its complexity. Nevertheless many songs from the project ended up as unconnected and independent pieces on Who’s Next. Read the rest of this entry

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